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About Us

An awarding-winning lawyer, Jacqui Brauman helps women with a personal legal issue to go from overwhelm and fear to confident and in control, so they can navigate working with a lawyer or controlling the outcome themselves.


Jacqui Brauman created TBA Law in 2012, providing legal services to families in Melbourne and Regional Victoria, focusing on estate planning, family law and property. Jacqui’s personal values brought into the firm made all the difference - a commitment to serving her community, very strong ethics and a sense of civil justice, and a dedication to having a safe work environment. Now she has created Legally Wise Women to help more women.

Jacqui is an Accredited Specialist in Wills and Estates and has written and published three books: ‘In Case of Emergency’, a practical guide for young families in the case of injury or death,  ‘Death and Social Media, a guide to your digital estate planning', and 'The Sandwich Generation’.

Why You Should Join Us

We want you to get five key things from Legally Wise Women:

  • Knowing when you have a legal right or obligation, and being able to recognise when a problem or conflict is a legal conflict and when a legal solution is available. 
  • Learning how and where to find relevant legal information.

  • Discovering how to obtain suitable legal assistance that won't cost you an arm and a legal. 

  • Understanding your own conflict style, and a number of negotiation processes, so that you can negotiate for what you want.

  • Having confidence in dealing with the legal system, to express what you want, and being on an equal footing in a system that is usually biased against women.

A Big Thanks

By increasing your own knowledge, and sharing your experiences with other women, you will be helping to empower more women into equality through knowledge.

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